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                app store icon

                Snow-Forecast app

                Download Free:
                Snow forecast Apple app
                Snow forecast Android app

                Rewritten from the ground up, Our new app is your perfect mountain companion. Plan your adventures with our long range and detailed forecasts, navigate resorts with resort and piste maps, easily find the best local snow conditions and never miss a powder day again with our snow notifications.

                Snow-Forecast app features:

                • New! Terrain maps now allow importing of GPX and KML tracks (free for everyone).
                • New! Weather maps include other nearby resorts when zoomed in (tap to see snow conditions).
                • New! Share your position using ///what3words.
                • Live Snow and 12 day forecasts for 3200+ resorts (6 days for non members).
                • Push notification Snow-Alerts (members).
                • Webcams (where available).
                • Interactive and image piste maps.
                • Resort picks and recommendations based on current or forecasted conditions.

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                Download Free:
                Snow forecast Apple app
                Snow forecast Android app