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                As Ski Australia - Tasmania

                Australia - Tasmania: latest snow conditions round-up

                AUSTRALIA REPORT After a few snowy spells in April, so far May has been fairly dry and too warm for more snowfall yet in Australia's mountainous areas. Daytime temps have typically been into the 5-10 degrees above freezing range although Monday did see temps low enough for a dusting of snow on some high peaks. Thredbo was one of the resorts that posted pictures of light snow cover up on its highest runs.

                Since then, skies have cleared again. The first ski areas are due to open in Australia in just over three weeks' time, some are already snowmaking using all-weather snowmaking machines.

                Summary of forecast snowfall and ski conditions for resorts in Australia - Tasmania. Fresh snow is forecast at 0 resorts. Powder is reported at 0 resorts and 0 are reporting good piste conditions.


                All resorts

                Ski resorts of Australia - Tasmania, alphabetically

                Bottom Mid Top
                Resort Webcam Top
                snow depth
                top and bottom
                Good piste
                Fresh snow depth
                Last Snow
                Fresh snow depth
                Next 9 Days
                0–3 | 3–6 | 6–9
                snow (cm)
                Weather Next 5 days weather forecast.
                Freezing level (m)
                Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu

                (1448m — 1573m)

                snow report 5 days ago

                Ben Lomond webcam
                3 cm
                5 days ago
                snow showers
                rain showers
                Mid station 1510 m
                900m 800m 1950m 2750m 2200m

                (1230m — 1300m)

                snow report yesterday

                Mount Mawson webcam
                8 cm
                light snow
                light snow
                light rain
                light rain
                light rain
                Mid station 1265 m
                950m 900m 2150m 2350m 1750m